About us

The story behind the foundation
of Luxurious Spa & Nails

Owner Sanjana Kumar's goal is to provide a beauty service that delivers exceptional results within a short time and leaves her customers feeling refreshed and pampered. She and her team enjoy talking to their clients, making them feel at home while they relax in comfortable and soothing surroundings. The salon reflects the feedback she has received from customers over her years of experience in the industry. Affordable luxury, friendly service, customer care, exceptional products, convenient locations all at your fingertips.

Our salon - your special place

Walk in or make an appointment; the choice is yours. Give us a call or book online to make a time that suits you. Luxurious Spa and Nails deliver premium service at an affordable price.

Our salon features:

  • Complimentary refreshments while you wait for your pampering to begin
  • Comfortable seating, soothing surroundings designed to enhance relaxation and calm
  • Friendly conversation, like talking to your favourite hairdresser
  • Premium products and a full range of services
  • Convenient location with parking close by
  • An easy booking system with discounts for repeat visits

We take the time to talk to you about your requirements, the colours you wear and the fashion style you want to project. We listen and provide personalised advice.
"Having your nails done" with us is an experience, not a chore. Step inside, say hello, and discover for yourself what sets us apart from other salons.

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